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Why use Chino Club cups over disposable babychino cups?

Most takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable, even the paper ones. They are lined with a waterproof plastic called polyethylene, not only making them non-recyclable but also a contaminant.These lined coffee cups thrown into the recycling bin result in entire recycling loads being thrown into landfill. In landfill, these cups release methane gas, a greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. @planetark states that in Australia alone 50,000 coffee cups go into landfill every 30 mins. Woah! Lets all do our part and stop using single use plastics. Let's teach the next generation before it's too late.
Tiny Changers Make Big Changes.

How can I use my Chino Club cup?

Take it with you when you go to your local cafe and ask them to use it for your little one's babychino as you would your own keep cup! They are also awesome for making babychino's more fun - talking and learning with your child about their favourite things printed on them. They also double down as great snack cups, smoothie cups and milk cups for feeding on-the-go!

What makes Chino Club different?

We've been custom designing our little babychino cups in Australia since 2018. Each is its own unique little work of illustrative art with the love of a mothers touch. Our cups are also coloured inside and out for even more fun for your little one - long after their babychino is gone!

How to care for my Chino Club cup?

Do not heat in the microwave, only pour your milk directly into the cup.

Simply rinse and pop in the dishwasher so it's ready to go with you on your next little adventure!